Comfort is Key

Daily writing prompt
What strategies do you use to increase comfort in your daily life?

I’m a big believer in putting comfort first in life. Especially when it comes to my physical self and my environment. Some strategies I’ve found especially helpful with maintaining a sense of comfort day to day is:

Starting my day by taking care of my needs before working or doing anything else

Journaling every day when I wake or at least before sleeping, helps keep my mind clear

Wearing outfits that I both love and am comfortable in, never trade fitting in or ‘looking cool’ for being comfortable in the clothing that I wear. Clothing is an aspect of self expression, if you look ‘cool’ but are uncomfortable its pretty noticeable and can lead to issues down the line

Communicating boundaries when in contact with others, placing myself first instead of people pleasing

Working from home when I can

Having my favorite tea when I rise and making sure I have snacks that I like

Focusing on my breath and making sure I set aside time in my week to practice yoga

Active mediation, being in a meditative state as I go about my day to day

Making sure I spend time alone as much as I spend time with people

Seize the moment


Before sitting down to write I found myself feeling shame for not doing as much as I would like. Looking through this creation of mine and taking myself too seriously. Introducing ridicule to a space within me that needs nothing but encouragement.

I write because it is something that I enjoy. I write because I like to share my thoughts and perspectives with others. I write because I enjoy reading the writings of others.

Reminding myself of this helps the flow resume. Lately I have been spending my time writing to reflect more than anything else. It sometimes makes me forget about this aspect of writing that I enjoy just as much. Crafting together a message inspired by my present moment. In this moment I wanted to share my feelings about an experience I had at a concert. A message brought to my heart from a moment of divine timing.

Flashback to October 15th 2022

I went to my first Princess Nokia concert and it was one of the most special moments I have had in my life. I felt happy, present, free, and seen for who I am. Dancing to the sounds that filled the concert and connecting with an artist I admire; it felt other worldly. I’d like more of my days to have this same kind of magic. A magic that carries over well into the next day and seeps into all that I do. Including writing, freely expressing and sharing my gifts with others.

I showed up to the concert early, excited and nervous to be there on my own. Two days prior I’d started drawing a picture of Princess Nokia and intended to give it to her at this concert. This is the second time I’ve made such an attempt. For both the reason was the same; to gift the artist who has gifted me with so much inspiration and motivation with an image of themselves that is one of a kind. And this time it happened! I was right there front stage, singing along to the song”Blessings” really feeling the music when Princess Nokia called me onto the stage. In a daze of excitement I joined her and we talked for a moment, she asked my name and thanked me for my gift. I wish I could recall her exact words but my excitement blocked my mind from letting her words fully settle in. All I know is that was she said to me was kind. I gave her a big hug and rejoined the concert. She read the note I’d attached to the drawing out loud to the crowd, I felt proud of myself. It all felt so surreal and as the moment passed she began to speak about passion and having a purpose in life. If not for my passion I wouldn’t have had the courage to create the art that I do. Same goes for all of us. I appreciate artist like Princess Nokia, always showing up as herself regardless of outside influence. Her music has always spoken to me, she speaks her truth in a way that’s contagious. Seeing her live and experiencing this moment inspired me to always show up as myself no matter what, because it’s one thing to be looked at but another to be seen.