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Blog Post 1: My why


Your inner self is your inner guide- Yogi Tea Quote

I am here to express myself. I am here to share. I am here because I was guided here, as you were. I am here to give.

Finally created my blog, step one done. Yay for taking first steps. At this point in my life I own around 15 different journals, not including the ones that are filled with images more so than words. At the start of this year, 2021, I got the feeling that it was time for me to share more of who I am, why I am, and what I create. So this is me doing that. I am one of those people with what seems like a hundred different interests going on at once, but its all connected. Making this public helps with my intention to share more and I hope it will bring me into alignment with more ones and ones who will benefit from what I share.

I hope to read this post one day and feel soul happy for taking this first step.

My favorite topics at the moment (likely to be a large part of this blog)

  • The power of words
  • Poetry
  • Khemitc ancestry
  • Earthly things
  • Art
  • Freedom of expression
  • Awakening to ones true self
  • Astrology (Lunar cylces, Sun praise)
  • Eating for wellness, Eating for spirit
  • Yoga/Sacred Movement
  • Books for the mind, body, and spirit
  • Books that Inspire me
  • Sci-fi that I love
  • Short Stories based on my art work
  • My feelings/ thoughts
  • Anything else I end up posting