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MoonDay: a day of Healing

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10/4/21 Blog Post 2

This week I’d like to focus on my communication, my voice, being mindful and reflective when communicating with others and with myself. This past week I felt conflicted in this area of my life, so naturally I chose to meditate on it this week. Within this meditation I’ve been reflecting on the ways I have chosen to communicate in the past; what makes me speak out of spirit or character. These are the the aspects of myself I feel are in need of some healing at the moment. I have been in this new practice of self expression. What a joy it has been so far. I feel freedom like never before. Even sitting here typing this, music in my ears, I am in joy. I spent a long time not expressing myself in the most loving ways. I use to find it difficult when trying to make sense of the way my expression and ways of communicating were captured by others.

So far today I have taken my time, I wanted to begin writing within this space on a regular basis and today marks the day that I begin that habit intentionally. It isn’t a particularly sunny day today, some may say it is gloomy. But I am shining on the inside so it feels like a beautiful to me, none the less.

I use the word MoonDay instead of Monday because Mondays are the day of the Moon and a great day for healing activity/practices/energy. I also really adore the Moon so it has been nice to incorporate into my vocabulary the more that I learn about it. This week is also the New Moon in Libra on 10-6-21. A beautiful day of the start of a new lunar cycle. Learning more about astrology and the earth have brought much meaning to my life in the past two years. There is a lot to be learned from nature, I am grateful for this.

Things that are healing to me

  • Music (playlist at top is current favorite band)
  • Creating freely without restriction or deadlines, so for today that means writing on my blog and reading my journals and poetry
  • Playing my drums and getting more familiar with the creation of sound, sound is so healing
  • Sitting in silence, meditation
  • Yoga, stretching
  • Sleeping, resting fully and without distraction
  • Taking time to reflect on anything that has felt bothersome to me in the previous week/in general

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