person holding world globe facing mountain

To see the Earth in all the ways I can

Thought of the day
Daily writing prompt
What are your future travel plans?

My future travels will be joy filled and adventurous. A first step out of the United States, landing on an island that is home to nature I’ve never experienced. I plan on using travel as a means of teleporting myself to spaces new and lush with life. Opening up my mind to what can be instead of only experiencing my day to day living at home. Travel is a means of refreshing the mind. Taking no more than what is given as I move between one space to another. I don’t only wish to see the world, I want to experience what being alive feels like in as many environments as God will let me. I plan on connecting with the land wherever I go, sharing respect and gratitude for the Earth in all its forms. Seeing forests of all kinds, indulging in food, connecting with beings of all kinds, and learning about the culture of each place I travel to; this is all in the plan.

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